Top Travel Trailer Gear Picks of 2011

We bought a new travel trailer back in January and spent the best part of this year outfitting it and I’m happy to report we finally got it to the point where I can really relax when we go camping. We added upgrades from levels to wheel locks and as such, I thought it would be a good idea to share my top three gear picks for the new travel trailer owner. I’ve already written reviews on the items on my top three list and have included links to the full review of each item.

Husky 87489 3000 lbs. Brute Power Jack

First up is the Husky Brute Power Jack. This is probably the single best thing I have ever installed on any of our travel trailers. No more hand cranking to raise and lower the tongue of my travel trailer… just flip a switch one way and I can raise the tongue; flip the switch the other way and I can lower the tongue. Very simple, very easy and at less than $175 this is money well spent. I consider this item a must have for all travel trailer owners. Husky Brute Power Jack

Maxxair Vent Covers

Next up is the Maxxair Vent covers. All travel trailers have roof vents; some with fans, some with not, but the stock vents that come equipped in new travel trailer are susceptible to damage. Installing, or having these installed on your rig means you can open your vent and leave it open even while towing without worrying about damage to your vent or rain getting in. I believe these should be standard equipment on all rigs sold, but they are not, so I’m pretty happy they are available as stand alone upgrades. A solid buy for sure at just under $40 each. Maxxair Translucent White Vent Cover

Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Retrofit Kit

Last, but certainly not least is the Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Retrofit Kit. Just as good as the Fantastic Fan that everyone raves about, but at a better price point, with the added benefit of not having to change out the entire vent. This upgrade fan moves significantly more air than the stock unit and is a well designed replacement. Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Retrofit Kit

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