Jawbone JAMBOX Review

How about a triple play bluetooth device? At home, at the office, and in the great outdoors is where we went to review the JAMBOX from Jawbone. This is a really cool piece of electronic equipment that performed flawlessly for us in a variety of different environments.

Jawbone JAMBOX

This is bluetooth technology at it’s finest. This device will pair to your phone, ipad, or home computer using bluetooth technology; just like a bluetooth earpiece… only lots better! You can use it as a wireless speaker phone or wireless speakers. Sound quality is unbelievably good as the JAMBOX is equipped with two highly powerful acoustic drivers and an ultra-small dome which produces a wide rich audio spectrum. Pairing to my iPhone was simple once I got the test unit fully charged. On the JAMBOX you will find the volume controls, a programmable answer button, and an on/off switch. At work I have used the JAMBOX as a speaker phone while on conference calls and in between calls I stream music from my iPhone to the speakers. The sound is rich and clean; no distortion what-so-ever. At home, in our travel trailer, and even in my deer blind while hunting I have used the JAMBOX to stream music from my iPad and my MACBOOK computer. Again, very easy to pair with all of these devices and the sound quality is truly amazing. The JAMBOX is also equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for roughly 10 hours on a full charge making this bluetooth device completely wireless for the ultimate in portable sound.

JAMBOX - In The Box

The JAMBOX is completely outfitted straight from the factory with everything you need.  In the box here’s what you get: Speaker, wall plug with cable, micro USB cables for connecting to wall plug or your Mac/PC for updating, unique audio cable for connecting audio devices that aren’t blue tooth capable (I used this cable in my travel trailer to connect the JAMBOX as an external speaker for my little TV for excellent sound), skin protective case, and a comprehensive user guide. The JAMBOX can even be updated with apps, software and new features via Jawbone’s MyTalk portal.

This little bluetooth device from JAMBOX is easy to use, produces great rich sound, and at only 6 x 2.2 x 1.6 inches its portable enough to take anywhere… yes I have even traveled on an airplane with it already and can highly recommend it for all your adventures in the great outdoors, or in the office, or in your travel trailer… just about anywhere.

Jawbone JAMBOX (Black Diamond)

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