E-Z Up Sierra II 10×10 Canopy Review

Sometimes you just need a little shelter from the elements. Too much sun is never a good thing when your camping or at the beach and what about rain. Have you ever tried to eat at a pic-nic table while a rain storm is blowing in? On our last trip to Colorado it rained almost everyday, not all day everyday, but many small showers that had us running for cover with some regularity.

E-Z Up Sierra II 10x10 Canopy

We had a chance to take a long look at one of these E-Z UP Canopy’s recently and were so impressed with the product we purchased one. First of all, they will provide shelter from the sun and the rain, no problem. In fact we found this to be a perfect cover for a pic-nic table. The canopy was very easy to set up with two people. I tried to set it up by myself and I could do it, but it was a much easier task for two people for sure. The top is removable/replaceable and secured to the frame with velcro. The legs are easily adjustable for different height settings, and the foot of each leg has a hole in it for staking it to the ground. The stakes that come with the canopy didn’t work for us at all. We bent all four of the cheap aluminum stakes on our first trip out, but that’s OK with me anyway as I prefer to use the Ground Hog tent stakes. The whole canopy collapses and stores in a nice roller bag making it easy to move and pack away in your vehicle. The EZ-Up website also offers a full array of replacement parts. Bottom line – this is a great product… easy to set up, easy to store, and backed by a company that can provide replacement parts at reasonable prices.

E-Z Up Sierra II 10×10 Canopy

MSR Ground Hog Stake Kit

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