Griffin Technology 1 Amp PowerJolt Dual Micro for iPhone and iPod Review

I have to admit it… I’m a gadget freak. Especially if the gadget is something that will enhance my outdoor experiences. Lets take the iPhone for example. I carry my iPhone with me everywhere, even in the kayak while fishing. It’s loaded up with several apps just perfect for outdoor activities… I have Solunar tables, kayak launch points apps, camping parks app, knots apps, even camp recipe apps, and top all of that off with a nice integrated camera and I have myself a great outdoor companion. The only downside is the fact that the iPhone will blow through a full battery charge pretty quick.

Griffin Technology 1 Amp PowerJolt Dual Micro for iPhone and iPod

I did have a car charger at one time, but I believe I left it in the old truck when we traded in for a new one a few weeks ago. That old charger was pretty bulky anyway so at the advice of a hunting buddy I picked up one of these Griffin Technology Dual Micro’s. It came equipped with a very low profile body and a separate dock cable for an iPhone or iPod. The body is rated at 1 amp, which is more than sufficient for an iPhone or iPod, and is equipped with 2 USB ports and a built-in resetting circuit breaker (SmartFuse). The 2 USB ports mean you can charge two devices at the same time and the smart fuse feature means no more replacing fuses. Just reset the circuit breaker if necessary. What I like most about it though is the physical size of the device. It is very small compared to the typical car charger. I plug it into the 12V receptacle in my truck and it almost disappears, leaving just enough sticking out so I can pull it back out if I need to. It just looks much cleaner and takes up less space than the long hanging charger I had before.

The dock cable that was included is a nice stout cable, well built and fully functional. This setup works exceptionally well and is small enough for me to pack in my backpack while on business travel. I have charged my iPhone and my kids’ iPod at the same time; no problem. The fact that the body has two USB ports also means I can charge my iPhone and a second device that uses a USB charging cable (Like my wife’s phone). I like it so much I purchased a second one for our car!

Griffin Technology 1 Amp PowerJolt Dual Micro for iPhone and iPod – Black

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