Texas Hill Country Deer Season Preparation

Rifle season for Deer hunting in the Texas Hill Country opens Saturday November 5th, so the Armadillo Times crew spent this last weekend at the hunting ranch in final preparation. We topped off all of our feeders with corn, cleaned out all of the deer blinds, trimmed some brush, finished cleaning out the cabin, and swapped the memory card in the Bushnell Game Cam.

The range conditions at our hunting ranch remain dismal, even with the 3+ inches of rain we received in October. One thing that has surprised me this fall is the amount of growth on the mesquite trees. In the midst of the worst drought in recorded history this native tree has somehow managed to not only survive, but sustain reasonable growth while the cedar trees (mountain juniper) are dying in great numbers.

Whitetail Deer and Rio Grande Turkey

I was pretty anxious to swap the memory card in the Bushnell Game cam. I set the cam up 3 weeks ago with a 16GB memory card and couldn’t wait to see what we had captured in memory. I was stunned at the number of pictures when I pulled the card… over 4000, but interesting enough my batteries were still showing full charge. This cam will likely last all season long with no battery swaps. As I suspected back in June, there is lots of game coming into the feeders.

Wild Hogs... here piggy, piggy

As you can see in the picture above, the deer are certainly not in top shape. With the lack of availability of native forage the deer are hitting the feeders at all times during the day and at night. I have many game cam pictures of deer and turkey feeding together, and of course just as many pictures of wild hogs. Usually when these guys come into the feeders everything else leaves. What was lacking in my pictures were trophy bucks. Over 4000 pics and no evidence of a trophy buck, but that’s OK, some seasons are great and some are not, but it’s still hunting season and the Armadillo Times crew will enjoy every minute of. Stick around and see how it turns out!

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Night Vision Trail Camera

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