Camp Chef Cast-Iron Conditioner Review

With hunting season upon us it’s time for the Armadillo Times crew to get our cast iron skillets and dutch ovens ready. Actually most of our cast iron is ready at all times for the camping season, but I do have a dutch oven and a cast iron skillet that we only use during deer season. In my humble opinion there is absolutely no better way to camp cook than with some new or vintage cast iron; properly seasoned of course.

Camp Chef CSC-8 6-Ounce Bottle of Cast-Iron Conditioner

I published an article on the cast iron seasoning process sometime back and in that piece I mentioned using Crisco shortening as a base for the seasoning process. Just a few weeks after publishing that article I found, and started using this cast iron conditioner from Camp Chef. I use it the same way I would Crisco to season my cast iron. What I really like about this product is two things: 1) It will not go rancid like some fat and vegetable based shortenings, and 2) After just a few seasoning processes the cast iron cookware has that nice dark patina that is desired and necessary for non-stick cooking. It comes in a nice squeeze tube so it’s easy to apply… squeeze it out and wipe it around with a paper towel. I’ve been using the same tube since early February, at least once a week and I still have a third of a tube. It doesn’t take much, it won’t go rancid, and turns your cast iron into a beautiful black patina piece of cookware. This product travels with our cast iron and is highly recommended by the Armadillo Times Crew.

Camp Chef Cast-Iron Conditioner

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