Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Retrofit Kit Review

I was getting pretty frustrated with the stock vent fan in our travel trailer. It was noisy and it didn’t move much air so we started looking for an upgrade. At first I was convinced the Fantastic Fan was a solid choice until I studied the installation procedure and discovered I would have to replace the entire vent – cover and all. Well, I just wasn’t interested in replacing the entire vent assembly and possibly compromising the roof seal so I just kept on looking.

Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Fan

Ultimately I settled on this Vortex high velocity RV roof vent retrofit kit. The price seemed right to me… ~$50 and I really like the idea of just taking the old fan out and putting the new one in without having to replace the whole roof vent. The kit came complete with everything necessary to convert my stock vent fan to a high velocity vent fan, including a complete instruction set. Installation was easy; it took me less than an hour and it looks nice and professional. Generally, I don’t like working on new travel trailers, but if I had known it was going to be this easy I would have done it a long time ago.

Vortex High Velocity Vent Fan Installed

Once I got it installed it was time to test it out. It has one push button switch to turn it on. The first time I turned it on I was sure surprised by the amount of air it moves. It is a huge difference from the stock vent fan; for the better. It pulls odors out of the bathroom in a hurry and it will remove the fog from our bathroom mirror after a hot shower in about 2 minutes. One warning… don’t turn the fan on until after you have flushed the toilet; it pulls so well that when you flush the toilet it will pull odors right out of your holding tank into your bathroom! While we were in Colorado, I opened the windows in the front of the trailer and pulled fresh cool air through the whole trailer using the Vortex high velocity fan in the bathroom; no air conditioner necessary. We are very pleased with this product and believe it to be a good value and an excellent upgrade to your RV or travel trailer.

Vortex High Velocity RV Roof Vent Retrofit Kit

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