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Buck 55 Folding Hunter Review

I grew up with Buck and Old Timer knives. In fact I carried an Old Timer folding pocket knife for years and then finally lost it while I was in college. That Old timer was a good pocket knife but … Continue reading

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Tamrac 5273 Expedition 3 – SLR Photo Backpack (Black) Review

We got off to a good start on gearing up for our 10 day camping trip to New Mexico and Colorado a couple of weeks back by purchasing a new DSLR. We selected a Nikon D3100 along with a nice … Continue reading

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Manchester 5# ACME/OPD Vertical LP Tank Review

Do you ever get tired of using those disposable propane cylinders? To me they are expensive, especially if you use more than just a couple of them a year. I also don’t like dragging around a 20 pound tank… they’re … Continue reading

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Camco 39572 RV 5″ Clear Sewer Hose Adapter Review

Camco Manufacturing has been around since 1966 and they have an awesome lineup of products that really enhance the whole RV camping experience. I stumbled across this clear sewer adaptor about a year ago and decided to pick one up … Continue reading

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Gerber 45905 Camp Axe With Sheath Review

A good camp axe is one of those tools I think is a necessity for wilderness camping, especially if you intend on having a nice campfire for those leisurely nights at the camp site. It should be sturdy enough to … Continue reading

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Escaping the Heat

It’s now official… Texas is in the midst of the worst drought in recorded history. Summer temps have consistently been over 100°F and rainfall is hard to come by. I feel real fortunate to be in a position of holding … Continue reading

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SureFire E1L Outdoorsman Dual-Output 45/3 Lumens LED Flashlight Review

I’ve owned the original E1L Outdoorsman for several years now and I like it so much I added this dual output E1L to my flashlight collection. The original E1L is a single output (45 Lumen) LED flashlight and a very … Continue reading

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Vent Cushion Review

The summer heat has been so brutal down in here in Texas that we have actually backed off a bit on our usual summer camping activities. At 100° outside the travel trailer was only getting down to about 82° inside … Continue reading

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Battery Wars: Alkaline AA vs. Lithium AA

I purchased a Bushnell game cam awhile back and the enclosed directions said I would achieve best results if I used Lithium batteries to power the unit. So naturally I ran out searching for Lithium AA batteries. That’s when I … Continue reading

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AR15 Tactical Light Setup

OK, here’s the situation. I take the puppy out last week for a walk after dark. I trudge out the back of our property with my trusty headlight strapped on and the pup in tow. I get about 100 yards … Continue reading

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