Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Night Vision Trail Camera Review

We are trying to get a head start on gearing up for this coming deer season and one of the items on our list of “must haves” for this season is a good game cam. I have used some of the Moultrie products before with reasonable results, but I wanted something different so I recently picked up the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam with Night Vision, Video, and Sound capabilities.

Bushnell Trophy Cam 8MP Brown

The first thing I noticed about the cam is how small it is. 5 1/2″ tall x 3 1/2″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep. It’s so small my lovely wife said it was “cute”… not exactly what I wanted to hear, but OK. It came equipped with a nice web strap, a USB cable, and a video cable. It has an SD slot which will accommodate up to a 32GB card (which is an additional 16GB over last years model), a 1/4 x 20 threaded socket, and Bushnell added sound to the video mode to this year’s model which is a pretty nice feature.

Inside the Bushnell Trophy 8MP Game Cam

Inside the cam are the setup control buttons and of course the battery bank. The cam takes 8 AA batteries and Bushnell recommends using the lithium batteries which are more expensive, but they will last much longer (allegedly) than their alkaline counterparts. I found the controls very easy to use and setup took all of a couple of minutes. I set the time and date, selected the picture mode, opted to put the time and date stamp on each pic, normal detection mode, and 5MP picture.

Bushnell Game Cam mounted to a T-Post

After I got the cam loaded with batteries and an SD card, which are not included with the cam, it was time to mount the cam and put it to the test. I mounted the cam to a T-Post in my sheep pasture. So… want to know why I chose the sheep pasture? Simple answer… I wanted to put the cam someplace where I know for a fact there would be animal traffic. My sheep move all day and night so I have guaranteed traffic which should trigger the cam right?

Day Light Pics - Bushnell Trophy 8MP

Well, after the first 24 hours I had almost 300 pictures… that’s a LOT of pics, but isn’t that what you want a game cam to do? Yes!!! If there is animal movement I want to see pics and I had a ton of them. Picture quality for day light shots is good. Time and date stamp is clearly legible at the bottom of the pic. I was very pleased with all of the day time shots, even in heavy shadows the pictures where very good. On a side note, can you tell by the looks of my pasture how dry it is down here in Texas?

Night Pic - Bushnell Trophy 8MP

Detection distance is quoted at 45 feet. In the pic on the left those sheep are roughly 50 feet from the cam, so I believe their spec is pretty close to accurate, perhaps a bit understated. Those animals in the background are another roughly 40 feet further from the first group, so I am pretty happy with night time performance also. I would prefer a little longer detection range, but I believe 45 to 50 feet is just fine for most applications, and especially for a cam in this price range.

So far I am very pleased with this cam. It is small, detects movement and takes clear pictures during the day and at night, it is easy to program, operates on 8 AA sized batteries, and at ~ $170 I believe this is a very solid buy. I will be updating this review as soon as we get it installed at my hunting ranch, which will also give me some time to figure out how to add video files to my posts. Stay tuned!

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Night Vision Trail Camera

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4 Responses to Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Night Vision Trail Camera Review

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  2. Ed Butler says:

    I was quite interested in the night photo of the sheep who were about 50 feet from the camera. I’ve been experimenting with making some nighttime motion detection videos which are recorded to my desktop computer via motion detection/time lapse software. My video camera has a supposed Lux rating of o.0003 lux which is more or less starlight.

    I’m surprised at the graininess of the night sheep photos from the Bushnell. No offense, but the screen capture frames from my 640×480 video frames don’t look much worse that this 8Mp shot. is this really shot at 8Mp? Thanks for the interesting review. Ed

    • admin says:

      Hi Ed and thanks for visiting the blog. The camera was set in the 5MP mode. The cam is selectable at 3MP, 5MP, or 8MP, depending on your pic quality desires and how much card you want to chew up with each pic. When I move it to our hunting ranch, which will probably happen next weekend, I intend to tweak the settings just a bit – including 8MP.

      Very interested in you nighttime motion detection/video capture. Did your purchase discreet components and put it all together or a kit?

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