Maxxair 00-933066 Translucent White Vent Cover Review

Have you ever accidentally left one of your RV vents open during a rainstorm? Or maybe got stuck in a hail storm? You might have even left one open during transport, only to discover the top got ripped off by the wind. Standard RV vents are great for venting out hot air and odors or letting cool air in, that is a fact! Unfortunately, they are not durable enough to withstand even a small hail storm, significant wind, and if you by chance leave one open during a rainstorm the inside of your RV is going to get wet… guaranteed.

Maxxair Vent Cover

I have been using these Maxxair Vent covers for several years now and I have to tell you I am pretty impressed with their performance. Since I started using these we have not had to replace a single OEM vent cap for any reason and these things will keep the rain out of your RV (with the vent open!) even in a driving rain storm. They install very simply right over your existing RV vent, allowing you to open your vent any time while providing all the protection you need from strong winds, hail, and driving rain storms. At roughly $40 a piece, they are inexpensive insurance against vent damage and leaks.

The Maxxair Vent Covers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, in fact they even have a model that has a fan of it’s own built right in. I think these covers should be standard equipment on new RV’s and travel trailers, but until they are I will just keep buying them and installing them on all my camping rigs. Cheap insurance against water damage to your RV and highly recommended by the Armadillo Times Crew.

Maxxair 00-933066 Translucent White Vent Cover

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